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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shawl Kasih

 Shawl ni sgt cantik.. material kain pun best.. mmg xrugi kalau beli.. shawl ni kami import from Egypt.. stok sgt limited... RECOMMENDED!!

Code :  KA01T
Status : Available

Code :  KA02W
Status : SOLD OUT

Code :  KA03SB
Status : Available

 Code :  KA04HP
Status : SOLD OUT
 Code :  KA05U
Status : SOLD OUT

Code :  KA06BL
Status : SOLD OUT

 Code :  KA07LP
Status : SOLD OUT

 Code :  KA08BR
Status : SOLD OUT

 Code :  KA09Y
Status : SOLD OUT

 Code :  KA10CR
Status : Available

 Code :  KA11G
Status :SOLD OUT